At Touhenboku Ramen, we share our love for tori-paitan style soup made according to Japanese tradition. Touhenboku Ramen promises a hearty, rich and flavourful experience.

Zuimei Okuyama – Founder of Touhenboku Ramen

What Makes Touhenboku’s Ramen Special?

At Touhenboku Ramen, our ramen’s distinctive taste comes from our traditional Japanese slow-cooked chicken broth, called mizutaki. We then add your choice of thick or thin ramen noodles and your choice of lean pork, rich pork, or chicken chashu. We throw in a little seaweed, a Japanese soft boiled egg, some delicious wood ear mushrooms, and top it off with fresh green onions. One taste is all it takes.

“I want people to know the true taste of fresh ramen” says Zuimei, founder of Touhenboku Ramen.

Zuimei trained at the Shokuno dojo, a famous ramen school in Chiba, under Ishigami-san. He opened his first Touhenboku in Ueno, a suburb of Tokyo. Touhenboku is Japanese for blockhead. The name is an homage to a cafe of the same name that head chef Zuimei used to frequent when he was young.