About Touhenboku

The name Touhenboku, means "blockhead" in Japanese and pays homage to a cafe of the same name that Touhenboku Owner, Zuimei used to frequent when he was young. Inspired by the growing enthusiasm for ramen in Toronto, Zuimei decided to open his own restaurant.

"I want people to know the true taste of ramen and have it be fresh like in Japan. So I make my own noodles in-house from scratch without preservatives. The taste is just better."

Zuimei trained under Ishigami-sa at the Shokuno dojo, a famous ramen school in Chiba.

Get in Contact

  • 261 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1Z9

  • (Ph.) 416-596-8080
    (Fax) 416-596-8181

  • info@touhenboku.ca

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