The Noodle Society is an exclusive loyalty program for those who love authentic Japanese ramen.
But only true lovers of Touhenboku’s Ramen can be part of the noodle society (eligible only at Queen location, Eglinton has stamp card instead).
Already a member? Take a look at our secret menu:
  • The Pledge

    To prove your allegiance to the Noodle Society you must first take the Pledge. Only serious noodle lovers can be sworn into the Noodle Society.

    To get the Pledge Card:

    • Pick up your pledge card at any Touhenboku Ramen location

    The Perks:

    Whoa there Gakusei! Loyalty is earned, not given.

  • The Rookie

    We call you the Rookie, but let’s face it; you could very well lead the Noodle Society one day. To attain Rookie status, you must first complete the pledge.

    The Get Rookie Status:

    • Pick up and fill out a pledge card
    • Path 1 – Buy 1 lunch set: 1 appetizer + 1 ramen + 1 desert
    • Path 2 – Buy 3 bowls of vegetarian ramen

    The Perks:

    • 5% off 1 bowl of ramen per bill
    • VIP access to the online secret menu
    • Noodle Society stickers
  • The Pro

    Congratulations, you’ve eaten your way through initiation. You may have paid your dues, but loyalty is the key to gaining seniority in the Noodle Society.

    To Get Pro Status:

    • Buy 50 bowls of ramen

    The Perks:

    • 10% off 1 bowl of ramen per bill
    • VIP access to the online secret menu
    • A Noodle Society headband
  • The Executive

    You are the envy of all your friends and Tomo knows your name. It’s time to sit back and slurp at your leisure, you’ve earned it. Once you achieve Executive status, you can take a bow Sensei – you pretty much own the place.

    To Get Executive Status:

    • Buy 100 bowls of ramen

    The Perks:

    • 10% off ramen for the whole table
    • $100 gift card to Touhenboku Ramen
    • 3 transferable appetizers vouchers per month
    • VIP access to the online secret menu